Live Auction:

Information about the live auction is available here.

Searching Options:

There are three diferent ways you can search for items on this website.

1. Quick Search:   These are pre-built searches. Select a category from the quick search drop down menu on the blue navigation bar. If you select a college, decade, player, or team, you will also need to specify a particular name or decade.

2. Keyword Search:   This is an exact search. Enter the keyword(s) in the text box and press the "GO" button. When searching for an item use the singular form. Example: type "pennant" when searching for pennants.

Hint:  Modify your keyword search to make it even more powerful:

+ Use a plus sign in front of a keyword to indicate that it must be present in every result.
   Example:  +giants +bears
   Result:  10/22/39 New York Giants Game Program versus Bears

- Use a minus sign in front of a keyword to indicate that it must not be present in any result.
   Example:  +Elway -Broncos
   Result:  1982 Stanford University Pocket Schedule of John Elway

" Enclose multiple keywords inside quotes to indicate that you want to match that exact phrase.
   Example:  "Topps Mexican"
   Result:  1977 Topps Mexican #360 Walter Payton

* Use an asterisk to a keyword to match any item that starts with your keyword.
   Example:  But*
   Result:  Butch, Butkus, and Button

Hint:  Combine these features for even more options:
   Example:  +"super bowl" +dolphins
   Result:  1974 Super Bowl VIII Press Pin Dolphins

3. Advanced Search:   An interactive search where you can combine search categories one at a time, and see how each additional search affects your results. There are two ways of accomplishing these searches:

Narrow Search:  For very specific search criteria.
   Example:  Packers, then narrow 1960's, then narrow display, then narrow price range.
   Result:  1960's Fred A. Kail Statue Ashtray $400.00

Broaden Search:  For multiple search results at once.
   Example:  Joe Montana, then broaden Steve Young, then broaden Jerry Rice.
   Result:  1981 MSA Test Disc Joe Montana
               1987 Ace Fact Pack Jerry Rice
               1993 Kenner Starting Lineup Steve Young

Searching Options:

If the website finds less than 500 items that match your search, you will be presented with your search results on one page.

If the website finds more than 500 items that match your search criteria, you will be presented with the following options:

- Modify your search
- See all results, increments of either: 100, 250 or 500 items per page.

Saved Searches:

Once you have logged-in as a registered member, you have the option of saving any search for future reference. Simply click the "Save this search?" link, and give your saved search a descriptive name. Saved searches can be found from the My Saved Searches link at the top right portion of the website.

You can rename and delete your saved searches from the My Saved Searches page.

Whenever new inventory is added to the website, the new inventory is compared to your saved searches. If there is a match between your saved searches and new inventory, then you will receive an inventory update email. Simply click on the link in that email to come back to the website and reveal only those new items that you expressed interest in reviewing.

  Note: Subtotal does not include shipping and insurance